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Strength from the courage to overcome

by Sam
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It’s not just about being in good shape physically when you say you’re healthy. Quite a few more things are involved. Medicine is not the only source of health. There are, of course, many other factors to consider.

Keep in mind that health is more than just the absence of disease and the presence of a strong and healthy body.

To be mentally healthy, one must also maintain physical health. It will be much less of a struggle for you to be good if your mind, heart, and soul are at rest.

You might be physically fit and have no known health problems, but that does not guarantee that you are in good overall health. Because you’re mentally ill, that’s why.

You need to experience that inner calm; once you do, you won’t feel the same level of irritation and frustration on a daily basis.

You need to relive those feelings in full force. You need the ability to enjoy the company of those around you and share a good time with them.

Feelings like these are signs of genuine happiness within, and once you experience them regularly, you may consider yourself to be a “happy” and “healthy” person.

If you begin by exploring your own psychology, you’ll soon find that putting yourself together is a lot less of a struggle.


Strength isn’t found in glory or fame.
It doesn’t come from winning the game.


It dwells within us, it is the same.
Its source is not from our physical frame.


It’s from the heart and from the soul.
It’s from the courage to strive and be whole.


It’s from the effort that we put in.
It’s from the victories that we win.


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.
It comes from overcoming what you thought you couldn’t.


It comes from deep within our hearts.
It’s the courage to keep going and never give up, no matter how hard.


It’s the power of perseverance that gives us the strength.
That makes us stronger than we’ve ever been.


Strength doesn’t come from what we can do.
It comes from the courage to overcome what we once thought we couldn’t.




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