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Why it shouldn’t matter what other people think about you.

by Sam
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A lot of people place an unhealthy amount of importance on the opinions of others, and the majority of them are completely unaware of the gravity of this problem. This can lead people to act in ways that they might come to regret in the future. In addition to this, it makes them feel like they are misunderstood and resentful.

It may appear that the response to this question will be simple, but in reality, it is not. There are a lot of different explanations for this, and I’m going to give you some examples of why we shouldn’t give a damn about what other people think of us. To begin, people frequently pass judgement and offer criticism of others without having a clear understanding of who those individuals truly are, which can be extremely damaging. Second, there are some people who enjoy doing things in the knowledge that they will elicit a response from another person while doing so or that they will enjoy making fun of another person while doing so; these types of people have a tendency to use their power over other people in order to get what they want.

You should never give a second thought to what other people think about you or the things that you do because, in the end, only your opinion is the one that matters. If you don’t let what other people say about you get to you and carry on with your life as if nothing has happened, the pain caused by what others say about you will eventually go away, but only if you let it.

First Piece of Advice: Listen to Your Body

Are you familiar with the concept of the voice of habit? It is a term that is used to describe the voices that you hear in your head that give you advice about what you should do and what you should not do. The voice of routine utters phrases such as “I really shouldn’t do this, but I really want to.” or “What you’re trying to do is impossible; it won’t work.” Sometimes we need the voice of habit, but other times we don’t need it pushing us around and telling us what to think and how to behave. Sometimes we need to be able to think for ourselves.

We should stop caring about what other people think about us or how they judge us because we are no longer children, and adults don’t care about how we look or behave as long as everything is going well at home. Therefore, we should stop giving what other people think about us or how they judge us any importance.

The Second Piece of Advice: Compare and Contrast

Getting over the notion that comparing oneself to others is a useful exercise is the central theme of this piece of advice. You need to make an effort to stop comparing yourself to other people and refrain from worrying about what actions other people take. Think of being able to walk down the street without looking at anyone else as an analogy for following this piece of advice.

It is important that we refrain from comparing ourselves to others, even though it can be difficult to do so, because doing so indicates that we are frequently unhappy with who we are and what we have achieved. It detracts from our own life because we are forced to concentrate so intently on the life of another person rather than our own. What other people do is not indicative of who you are, and the fact that you are not doing as much with your life as other people does not mean that you are not living up to your potential. It is essential for you to understand that it is acceptable for you to live your best life while stopping yourself from looking to the lives of others.

The Third Piece of Advice: Listen to the Voice of Self-Doubt

The voice that tells you to give up is the voice of the part of you that doesn’t trust yourself. It conveys the message that you do not measure up to expectations. It brings up all of your previous failures and tries to convince you that this new attempt will also be unsuccessful by doing so.

This voice is the reason why a lot of people give up on their dreams before they’ve even begun to pursue them. This voice is the reason why many people don’t trust themselves enough to try new things in life, which prevents them from realising their full potential.

What if, however, I told you that this particular voice in your head does not have to be the only one there? What if I told you that there is a way to stop listening to that critical voice in your head?

The fourth piece of advice is to keep going even when you don’t want to.
As someone who has dealt with anxiety to the point where I know how it feels, I feel obligated to tell you that the sensation of wanting to quit is completely normal. I have dealt with enough anxiety to know how it feels. The most important thing to consider, however, is not whether or not you have thoughts of giving up, but rather whether or not you actually intend to do so. It makes no difference if your blog post is terrible or if your idea was stupid; what matters is that you fight the urge to give up and keep going with it anyway.

The fifth piece of advice is to not stress out about what you are wearing if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Put on whatever brings you the most joy!

Everyone is tasked with letting go of the need to care about what other people think of them from the moment they are born.
In conclusion, it is inherent in each of us not to give a damn about what other people believe about us or how we are perceived by them.

The only thing that truly matters is how we feel about ourselves on the inside. If you are content with how you are living your life, it does not matter what other people think of you. And if you aren’t happy with how things are going for you, it doesn’t matter what other people say or think about it because it won’t make a difference.


It doesn’t matter what others say,
Their opinion is not yours to take.
You should be independent and true,
No need to live somebody else’s view.


Others may not understand you,
But that doesn’t mean you’re wrong.
You should live your life as you please,
And not let others lead you along.


Your opinion is the one that counts,
And you should never forget that.
No matter what anyone else may think,
Your life should be yours to manage.


Don’t let others bring you down,
And don’t give up on yourself.
Your life is in your hands,
And you should always strive for your best.

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